Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for an online digital marketplace where digital products are sold typically cover various aspects. Here are some common points to consider:

1. **Product Listings:**
   - Clearly outline the process for listing digital products on the platform.
   - Specify any restrictions on the type of digital products that can be sold.

2. **Pricing and Payments:**
   - Define the pricing structure and how payments will be processed.
   - Detail any fees or commissions the platform may charge for hosting digital products.

3. **Intellectual Property:**
   - Address copyright and intellectual property rights for the digital products.
   - Specify that sellers must have the right to sell the products they list.

4. **Refunds and Returns:**
   - Outline the policy for refunds or returns, considering the intangible nature of digital products. No refund and cancellation payment nor transfer be transferable not be refundable

5. **Licenses:**
   - Specify the license granted to buyers for using the digital products.
   - Outline any restrictions on the redistribution or resale of purchased digital products.

6. **User Responsibilities:**
   - Clearly state the responsibilities of both sellers and buyers on the platform.
   - Highlight any prohibited activities or content.

7. **Termination of Accounts:**
   - Outline conditions under which accounts may be terminated, including breaches of terms.

8. **Dispute Resolution:**
   - Define the process for resolving disputes between buyers and sellers.

9. **Privacy Policy:**
   - Include a link to the platform's privacy policy, outlining how user data is handled.

10. **Changes to Terms:**
    - Reserve the right to update terms and conditions, with a notification mechanism for users.

11. **Governing Law:**
    - Specify the jurisdiction and governing law for any legal matters.

It's crucial to consult with legal professionals when drafting these terms to ensure they comply with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, these terms should be easily accessible to users on the platform.